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Kheper Games:Sex Coupons
20 romantic SEX!

Product Detail
Add sizzle to your night. Have a passionate foreplay, ad follow it up with steaming love making. What is more, to add the erotic surprises, there are sexy plot twists too. Each card has pictorial display of a sexual position so that there is no interruption in excitement in thinking what to do. Hand over a coupon to your partner and see the erotica reaching a new dimension as he/she acts it out. Plot twist cards are all about spanking, body shots or providing your lover oral indulgence. What is more, there is also a tear off perforated section of the coupon where you can describe what you want. 

How To Use
Begin the game with one of the foreplay cards, such as naughty dice, strip spinner, erotic edible or any other. Now you turn over a passion card it offers strategies to use during the foreplay round. These would enhance your love making pleasure too. A plot twist card, of course, helps in adding a twist to foreplay. 

About The Brand
Kheper Games, Inc. was founded (as Kheper Publishing) in 1995 by Brian L. Pellham. Kheper Publishing became Kheper Games in 2001 when the company moved from just publishing game books to offering a wide variety of adult games and novelties. It is the one of the best names in the world of adult gaming. Their games are designed to tease, excite and lead to perfect love making. Masters in bondage they have a number of bondage games each more enticing than the other. Erotic foreplay leading to sensuous love making is the mantra!

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