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4 Play

It is a set of four erotic games – one hotter than the other. Foreplay Fortune is about sexual fantasies.

Product Detail 
it is a set of four erotic games – one hotter than the other. Foreplay Fortune is about sexual fantasies. In foreplay dice you roll the dice – and indulge in erotic actions on your lover. Wheel of Passion is about spinning the wheel, and acting out sexual fantasies on your lover. Spin the Sin is about spinning a top on your beloved’s body, and treat the part that the top points to, to ultimate sexual pleasure. A set of four titillating games.enjoy wheel of pleasure, where you spin to perform sexual fantasies on your lover. foreplayDice, where you roll dice to perform erotic actions on your lover. in foreplay fortune, you and your lover use cards to act out sexual fantasies. and for s,e,x marks the spot, spin the sex top and try to make it stop on the body part of your lover you want to satisfy. Includes: 1 sex spinner, 2 foreplay dice, 1 action top, 20 sex cards and 2 body maps 

How To Use

You can play all the four games one after the other, if the night is yours, and you are set for multiple love making sessions. Or opt for one, as one is enough to set the bedroom on fire In Foreplay Fortune, you can flip cards of the same colour – once the cards are flipped, follow the instructions and unleash your fantasy In Spin to Sin you and your lover can take turns in Spinning the top. And when the top comes to stop – you go for the body part its handle is pointing to. Try that specific body part of your beloved to ultimate sexual indulgence Wheel of Passion aids you add props to foreplay, to make it more fantasy like Foreplay Dice is all about teasing an intimate body part – follow the instructions and squeal with ultimate sexual pleasure. It contains twenty foreplay fortune cards, one action top, one dice and one wheel of fortune along with instructions.

About The Brand

Kheper Games, Inc. was founded (as Kheper Publishing) in 1995 by Brian L. Pellham. Kheper Publishing became Kheper Games in 2001 when the company moved from just publishing game books to offering a wide variety of adult games and novelties. It is the one of the best names in the world of adult gaming. Their games are designed to tease, excite and lead to perfect love making. Masters in bondage – they have a number of bondage games – each more enticing than the other. Erotic foreplay leading to sensuous love making is the mantra!

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